Low-Shear Extruders

Frazer-Nash Manufacturing offers a range of hygienic, stainless steel, low-sheer forming extruders. This style of extruder protects structural and textural product properties such as softness and stand-up, and leads to minimal product degradation with shelf life. They are designed to handle temperature-sensitive masses (either hot or cold) with jacketed barrel sections. For hygiene, this range of extruders is also designed to work with CIP (Clean In Place) circuits.

Features include:

  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Screw diameters from 75 mm - 175 mm for 125 kg/hr - 1500 kg/hr output
  • Fully machined barrel and screws
  • Self-cleaning design with the addition of CIP system

Optional custom features include:

  • Continuous feed via pipe option or batch feed via hopper
  • A range of flow splitting and independent coloring and flavoring solutions to enable multicolor product extrusions
  • A range of different extrusion manifolds can be fitted for hollow, twisted, and/or co-extruded products

Twist Dies and Co-Extrusion Dies

Frazer-Nash high-pressure extrusion technology is used for many products formed by cooker extruders. This technology is designed for very demanding environments, and has been extended to suit low-pressure forming extruders. Our latest designs have optimized material selection, hardening processes, surface finish treatments, seal technology, and parts tolerance – resulting in robust, hygienic and low-maintenance dies for the confectionery industry.

Our twist dies can be fitted to new or existing extruders to provide single or multi-color extrusions – either solid, hollow or filled.

Our co-extrusion dies can be fitted to new or existing extrusions to handle two or more products from multiple extruders.

Features include:

  • Wire-eroded die shapes
  • 3D laser-sintered die shapes
  • FDA-approved food contact materials
  • Extrusion speeds of 1 to 24 m/minute, depending on product and extrusion pressure
  • Twist speeds up to 350rpm possible

Optional custom features include:

  • Single to 40-rope extrusion heads, across 200 to 1600mm extrusion widths
  • Up to 6 colors per rope
  • All stainless steel construction with FDA-approved plastics and elastomers

Hygienic design

All Frazer-Nash food production equipment incorporates the best in hygienic design, including

  • Stainless steel and FDA approved materials
  • Open structures with no close fitting overlaps
  • Crevice-free, sloping surfaces
  • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance

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